Assocalzaturifici is the national association representing  industrial shoemakers in Italy. It has about 500 member companies and represents the excellence of Italian footwear. The industry employs a total of approximately 70,000 people and exports 85% of its production, which totalled 14.3 billion Euro in 2019, before Covid. The association has registered the VCS – Verified & Certified steps trademark, appointing Spin360, a company specialising in sustainability, to take care of logical, mathematical and programming aspects.


CIMAC, a testing lab for the fashion and footwear industry, ensures product quality* and compliance with international standards. CIMAC does not simply measure quality and safety and assess performance; it assists customers step after step, guiding them in the process of achieving sustainability with customised information and solutions for obtaining VCS certification.


A quality certification institute for the leather industry operating in Europe and world-wide since 1994, offering services guaranteeing the sustainability of the leather industry and leather products. Customers include tanneries, brands, manufacturers, raw materials suppliers and contractors in the leather industry.


  • Certification
  • Second-party audits
  • Training
  • Standardisation
  • Information

Spin 360

Spin 360 is a consulting firm established in 2009. The pillars of its business models are Sustainability, Progress, Innovation and Networking. The firm focuses primarily on promotion of sustainable business models for the fashion and design markets world-wide. It supports companies and institutions in the implementation of  innovative business models capable of improving their environmental, social and economic sustainability while contributing to their professional growth and improvement of working conditions.